Targeted tourism campaigns

We have a proven track record of success when dealing with targeted campaigns across the tourism sector.  

From promoting group travel and managing online ticketing, through to pitching to secure national conferences and events, our solutions and services are based on unique experience. They are tailored to meet your requirements and add real value to help you to rise above your competition.

Group travel  

LPL has an expertise in developing the coach and group market. This includes a unique partnership with Greatdays Travel Group, one of the UK’s leading group travel tour operators, working with LPL to develop innovative new group itineraries.  These itineraries are promoted through Greatdays’ extensive networks of group travel organisers, coach tour operators and tour planners.  

“This new partnership with LPL will enable us to offer new itineraries for tours and day trips that will appeal to group travel organisers, coach tour operators and tour planners.”  

Paul Beaumont, Executive Director with Greatdays Travel Group 

Online ticketing 

LPL provides efficient and effective online ticketing facilities for a growing portfolio of festivals and events.